Sometimes I have ice cream for lunch. Gelateria Sempione in Milan is the best in the world, hands down. The chocolatesorbetto is amazing.

Margherita Missoni

We travelled from Montreux, Switzerland to Milano Centrale by train which was a beautiful scenic route.


In Milan, we chose to stay in a great Airbnb in Navigli.



Went for a little walk and came across a great little spot in Via Casale for lunch where we tried some Italian food and free Prosecco refills (BONUS!)

Savoury donuts and ham

The bars in Navigli are really great, so many to choose from and great vibes. My favourite was Mag because the cocktails were fantastic!

Below is a little place Daniella took us for Brunch also in the Navigli area called  taglio.me– Very Italian and interesting decor.


We preferred having brunch at That’s Bakery as we found the food tastier even if it was perhaps more of an American style.



Time to explore….

We walked through the city from Navigli to the Duomo. Surrounding the Duomo are many high street and high fashion brands. Anything from Sephora and H&M to Prada and Dior.


One of my FAVOURITE spots in Milan is the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II which is one of the world’s oldest shopping centres. It is simply stunning!


It is work going into the Cathedral and on top of the Duomo but I would pre-book the tickets online.

When in Milan, you need to get ice cream. I did not end up eating as much as I had hoped but both were delicious. I highly recommend waiting in line for Venchi Ciocolatto.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love a refreshing Aperol Spritz so I was excited to go to the Aperol Terrazza  but in fact it was not the best Spritz you can get. But the view over the piazza was lovely.

If you want a good Spritz, I would recommend you stop at a little side bar off the plaza. We found this little place by accident and therefore, I can not remember the name of the place below but another thing to note is the concept of “Aperitivo” is part of the Italian culture.

“I love the concept of the Italian aperitivo. It’s a simple idea and a very social and functional way of meeting up with friends, having a cocktail, and enjoying hors d’oeuvres. Now it may sound similar to going out for tapas as they do in Spain, or enjoying happy hour as done in the U.S.; however, the aperitivo is an event in and of itself.” The Huffington Post


Or at the top of the Rinascente,if you can make it up without buying half the store! You can enjoy a really lovely terrace overlooking the other side of the cathedral.

Maio Restaurant



  • Go for a walk through Parco Sempione
  • Take a visit to the Brera area
  • Visit the art galleries and museums
  • Take a look at the palace
  • Walk around Sfarzo Castle (see images below)



First night we had booked the Dry bar as I was told that it was perfect for a pizza and cocktail combination and we were right! Loved the ice cubes with the logo.

The second night we made our way a little bit further out of the city as it was a special birthday dinner and I had booked 4 Cento which was simply fantastic. Modern twist on classic Italian dishes and the setting was beautiful.

Enjoy your trip to Milan!


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