Who doesn’t like a chocolate and peanut butter combination?! Sorry, I mean LOVE! I could sit and eat Reese’s cups all day long. This is why I have decided to make my own in time for Easter. This recipe is so simple and takes no time at all. I chose to use powdered peanut butter such as PB2 simply because it is lower in calories, fats and sugar but you can use normal, organic, crunchy or smooth peanut butter or another nut butter. The choice is yours!


  1. Take the coconut oil and melt it in the microwave for roughly 30 seconds.
  2. Remove and add the vanilla, maple syrup and cocoa powder and mix well.
  3. Take 6 cupcake cases and with a teaspoon add distribute half the chocolate on the bottom of each case until there is a thin coating.
  4. Place the cases in the freezer for 15 mins.
  5. Whilst the chocolate is hardening, take the PB2 and mix with a little water to create a paste. Or take out the nut butter tub!
  6. Remove the chocolate cases from the freezer when they have hardened and then evenly distribute the peanut butter over all the chocolate bases.
  7. Place the cases back in the freezer to harden once again.
  8. Once the peanut butter has become solid, distribute the rest of the chocolate mix across the 6 cases.
  9. Place them back in the freezer one more time and then remove them from the freezer 10 mins before you want to eat them.


If you compare my peanut butter cups to the Reese’s ones you may say that there is not much of an advantage looking at calories (please see below) my aim is not to create a peanut butter cup  with zero calories it is just to provide an alternative using 5 ingredients and knowing what I have put inside. They are also cheaper than buying them.

Reese’s classic cup: 110 cal, 7g fats, fats, 75mg sodium, 12g carbs, 11g sugars,  3g protein

Sara’s peanut butter cup: 105 cals, 8g fats, 24mg sodium, 7g carbs, 5g sugars (not refined), 1g protein

Happy Easter everyone! xx


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